Memorial Day Weekend 2017

This past weekend, we went to Scofield State Park.

I had never been and it wasn’t too far away from home.

We loaded up Torrin, Preston, and Fitch.

This was the first time Fitch has gone camping with us in the van/Airstream.

We did some sightseeing around the town of Scofield.

There was a really devastating mining accident that happened and 200 people were killed.

They have some monuments set up telling about it.

Where we stayed was right on the reservoir.

There were hundreds of pelicans.

I had never seen them away from the ocean.

We went on a walk around the campgrounds and saw a huge beaver dam.

They also have tee-pee’s you can rent out and stay in.

We went back to our camp and made some burger bombs to throw in the fire and cook.

We took some hamburger meat and put cheese in the middle and then wrapped them in bacon.

The next day, The Boone’s came up to go hiking with us.

I had heard about a hike that takes you to a hot spring near where we were.

It said it was a good hike for kids.

They were wrong.

What I thought was going to maybe be 2 miles in and out, turned out to be a 5 mile hike.

Torrin had a few meltdowns.

The trail we walked on ran parallel to Diamond Fork River.

It was ice cold from all the snow melting.

Which was a good thing, because when I made it to the top where the hot springs were, I couldn’t care less.

I went and sat in the 40 degree river because I was burning up.

The springs were pretty though.

We made it back to the van by some miracle.

We had such a fun weekend!

And we were able to make the Airstream official!

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  1. Grandma said:

    Wish I was there with yall!! That place is beautiful!


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