What’s Up Wednesday- June 2017

What we’re eating: Lots of salads! I have a new favorite and I try and make it for lunch everyday.


What I’m reminiscing about:  Getting snuggles from my buddy.

What I’m loving: Hiking. I want to go all the time.

What we’ve been up to: We have made 2 trips to Vegas in the past month. When we were driving home last week, our car said this…

What I’m dreading: Haircuts. Torrin does not do too well even if the place is fun.

What I’m working on: Joel bought me a Fitbit for Mother’s Day and I am trying to hit my goals each day.

What I’m excited about: We are going to Yellowstone next month!

What I’m watching/reading: Just started watching Twin Peaks from the early 90’s. It’s quirky but interesting.

What I’m listening to: Lots of new artists I saw at EDC this year.

What I’m wearing: Lots of tanks and capri’s. Comfort is the word.


What I’m doing this weekend: Try to rest and go swimming.


What I’m looking forward to next month: Camping! Any time I get with my family in the Airstream is a great time.


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