The busiest week of July ever.

Things that have gone on this past week:

We had 2 deaths in our family a few hours apart on Sunday.

We went Sunday evening to The Dunn’s for a surprise dinner to be with Ms. Janell.

We found the best pictures.

Monday night I went to Minta’s to bring her and her family dinner.

Tuesday was small group.

Wednesday was Torrin’s OT appointment (more on this later).

And he played with friends.

Thursday was Devin’s funeral.

Torrin picked him a flower and left it by his jersey’s.

Friday was Joel’s uncle’s funeral.

He loved seeing baby Dexter.

Saturday we had three (yes three) parties to go to.

One of them was Patty and Kipp’s reception.

I’ll post more about these later.

And  Sunday we went to Minta’s to hang out with family that was in town.

It’s been so busy that I need some time to sit still and be bored.

I don’t see that happening anytime soon though.


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  1. Grandma said:

    My strong baby, love you and spider man!!


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