Yellowstone Trip

We got back from Yellowstone a few days ago.

Here’s a few pics of our adventure.

As soon as we arrived, a bison was walking along the road beside us.

While it was very neat, we were also still hauling our Airstream and didn’t want him to charge it.

Since Yellowstone is essentially one large volcano, there are lots of geothermal features around the park.

This was the Dragon’s Breath Cave.

It made a thundering noise as the gases were coming out and it smelled awful.

There were a lot of these hot pools with boiling water coming out of the ground.

We decided to take a trip down to the Grand Tetons.

On the way, we saw some of the prettiest landscape I have ever seen.

We spent a few hours in Jackson Hole exploring.

We saw lots of Elk.

We also visited some of the ranger centers.

And we ate at one of the restaurants.

They have a place called the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

It was very impressive.

They have lots of  lookout places to see the sights.

I also had someone helping to direct my videography.


We woke up the next day to go and see Old faithful.

There was lots of waiting.

So we went inside the Old Faithful Inn.

It is the largest wooden lodge in the world.

It looked like the Hogwarts of Montana to me.

We made it back out to see the geyser blow.

We then made our way to the Grand Prismatic Springs.

This picture doesn’t do it justice. It was so colorful!

We also checked out the waterfall right when you enter the park.

Did I say there were a lot of elk?

We finished off our last night there with a presentation from a ranger.

On our drive out, the herd of bison were out since it is their mating season.

There is over 3,000 of them and you normally don’t see them all.

It was such an amazing place.

We can’t wait to go back!

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